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Prayag Khose


Passionate Entrepreneur, Artisan, Athleticism & Lifestyle Enthusiast.

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About Prayag Khose

Passionate Entrepreneur, Artisan, Athleticism & Lifestyle Enthusiast

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." - Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn

With his unrivalled accomplishments, Mr. Prayag Khose is a true example of self-manifestation. From becoming a prosperous entrepreneur to being featured on the cover of Femina magazine, his path has been nothing short of extraordinary. Along with all of this, Mr. Prayag is effectively embracing and cultivating his enthusiasm for writing, as well as establishing an image of a renowned author in society, thanks to his dazzling fountain of intellect and sheer determination. This passion has led to publishing a chapter in Scholar Book World Record. He acknowledges the aspirations of India's future progeny and seeks to fabricate an India that the country's young aspire to.
Mr Prayag Khose, with his natural qualities and professional experience, continued the legacy and went above and beyond expectations. Mr Prayag has used cutting-edge and futuristic approaches to accomplish his dreams. And is always on the lookout for new methods to create architectural wonders. Following the successful completion of multiple government projects, the trademark Khose is interwoven with trust and quality.
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"As a visionary, I am always looking to the future and seeking out new ways to turn my ideas and dreams into reality."


Instead of resting on his laurels, Mr. Prayag with his profound knowledge and extreme determination towards his goals has become a focus of attention for many people around him. His remarkable achievements have inspired many young minds and aspiring entrepreneurs to strive and replicate him.


“An extraordinary life is a lot closer than you think.” Staying true to this, the unicorn personality Mr. Prayag expanded his horizon by setting his foot in the hospitality sector. Making his vision a reality of creating a space that offers the best-in-class accommodation establishing an equal scope of relaxation & enjoyment—redefining vacation for people with an ultra-luxe experience.


“Regardless of the body type, fashion & style are for everyone.” From making a buzz with his presence on the red carpet to collaborating with esteemed fashion labels, fashionista Mr. Prayag Khose has been casting his spell in the fashion industry for years now. With his rocking sense of style, he keeps on raising the bar for what it means to be iconic.

Organic Farming

Being an eco-freak, Mr. Prayag Khose believes in living a lifestyle that contributes to the betterment of the environment. And, to live up to that purpose, this young entrepreneur is gearing up with the full potential to set foot in the organic farming sector. This praiseworthy initiative taken by a well-known face like him inspires others to be a part of this change.


It’s obvious for a spectacular personality like him to have artistic knowledge. His complementing sense of interior arrangements and incredible creativity in redefining spaces provides a touch of timeless beauty to every interior. Adding a new dimension of interior designing to his diversified portfolio, Mr. Khose is soon going to mark his signature in this industry.


Being an influencer, he equally understands his social responsibility, and firmly believes that giving back should be the way of life. Most of the time he has been generously charitable and will be for the lives and well-being of others. Despite deploying large pools of capital, he actively participates and spares an appreciating portion of his time to promote the welfare of others.


Despite being constantly busy with his time-demanding daily routine, Mr. Prayag never fails to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the upcoming technological trends. His undying love for technology has made him keep his inner technophile alive.


Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. Mr. Prayag is one of those determined personalities who proved this right. From being an ardent music lover to giving his passion the wings of reality, he achieved what he has decided. With his fresh new music album, he is all set for the musical inception.


Supporting a cause is like finding a solution. Being an influencing personality, Mr. Prayag Khose actively takes part in helping protect the environment. It’s applaudable when a big shot like him uses his celebrity status for the betterment of society.


“To build a better tomorrow, knowledge should be carried forward.” And an entrepreneur is an extensive pool of knowledge and real-life experiences. One out of those, Mr. Prayag Khose with his dexterity & competency in various fields like entrepreneurship, fitness, music, etc., not only shares his skills and expertise but cultivates the misconceptions and solidifies the overall understanding of the mentees.


"Achievement is the result of hard work and dedication, and I am always striving to push myself to new heights and reach my full potential."

Society Achievers
Felicitation by Rohit Shetty

Mr. Prayag Khose leaves behind a prominent impression with their work towards a betterment, growth, and the development of the society.
Cheers! Mr. Prayag Khose for receiving a new jewel in his crown.
A true Society Achiever, awarded by the most recognized Indian film director and producer, Mr. Rohit Shetty.

Scholar Book of World Records
Published an article on Mental Health

In view of the rising mental illness issues, Mr. Prayag Khose with an exceptional writing flair and proficiency, published a comprehensive article with an intention of creating awareness among the people.

Mentor for Change
Appointed as NITI Ayog Mentor for Change

By becoming the mentor of change with Niti Aayog, Mr. Prayag Khose, took upon the responsibility of spending time on-ground enlightening the students with his skills and expertise. With a vision to give back to our nation, he will make conversation with the students and try to mould the young minds by instilling the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship—to carve a beautiful future for India.

Filmfare Official Sponsor
Gave Award to Best Movie Critics

This picture is the epitome of Mr. Prayag Khose experiencing the supreme elegance, glamour, and VIP treatment at Filmfare awards along with the honor of bestowing award of “Best Movie Critic”.

Femina Cover 'Man of Mettle'
Featured on the cover page of Femina

The esteemed magazine “Femina” featured Pune’s most powerful personality Mr. Prayag Khose on its cover page. Acknowledging his achievements in the myriad of fields, this popular magazine group nominated to manifest this iconic businessman.

Femina Pune's Most Powerful
Awarded Pune's Most Powerful

Mr. Prayag Khose, for his sheer entrepreneurial success, got felicitated second time in a row with the prestigious distinction of Pune’s most powerful personality by Femina Magazine for the year 2019-20.

Femina Pune's Most Powerful
Awarded Pune's Most Powerful by

Honoring the exceptional contribution towards the society, the eminent magazine group “Femina” awarded, young entrepreneur and change-maker Mr. Prayag Khose as the Pune’s most powerful personality for the year 2018-19.


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